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One 20-year-old male suspect, of the 4800 block of Main St., was arrested for his alleged involvement in a Monday afternoon shooting in Las Cruces. One person was injured in the assault and had to hospitalized, Las Cruces police department officials reported to a source. LCPD officials have yet to arrest another suspect in the assault, though others were reportedly involved.

Authorities said they were still looking for the small caliber black revolver which was believed to have been used in the shooting. Anyone with information about the gun’s whereabouts or having information about the assault may contact the LCPD.

The suspect and several other men physically assaulted an 18-year-old victim close to 4 p.m. Monday in an abandoned dirt lot between an apartment on the 2200 block of Bex Street and the Chilito’s restaurant on S. Valley Drive, the LCPD told a reporter. Authorities didn’t disclose a reason for the assault, but said the altercation lasted several minutes before the suspect pulled a gun.

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A woman was found, naked, beaten and unconscious in Miami explains a New York Hand Gun Criminal Lawyer. The body was found in 2005 near the outskirts of Miami. This was just the start of a bizarre mystery which shocked lawyers, and investigators.

The woman was rescued by police. When the lady became conscious again, she asked for a Lawyer. This may seem strange, but she was just looking for someone to help her understand what was happening.

The lady was unable to speak. She did however manage to communicate using a pen and paper. She told detectives her name and that she came from the Ukraine. The lady also informed detectives that she had previously worked for a cruise ship company. She had actually been injured and filed a lawsuit against the company.

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The suspect in a Brooklyn murder may already have his case decided for him – the slaying was caught on video surveillance. He was caught in all the way up in Albany, after weeks of searching.

The 20-year-old suspect was identified as the primary subject of interest shortly after an 18-year-old man was shot to death on April 17. A camera showed the suspect riding the elevator with the unsuspecting victim in a building in Brownsville at around 7:30 p.m. that evening.

The victim exited the elevator and the suspect, who had previous brushes with the law regarding weapons, drew a silver pistol and followed him into the lobby, police sources informed New York Criminal Defense Teams.