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The Miami Hotel Mystery – Woman Left for Dead


A woman was found, naked, beaten and unconscious in Miami explains a New York Hand Gun Criminal Lawyer. The body was found in 2005 near the outskirts of Miami. This was just the start of a bizarre mystery which shocked lawyers, and investigators.
The woman was rescued by police. When the lady became conscious again, she asked for a Lawyer. This may seem strange, but she was just looking for someone to help her understand what was happening.
The lady was unable to speak. She did however manage to communicate using a pen and paper. She told detectives her name and that she came from the Ukraine. The lady also informed detectives that she had previously worked for a cruise ship company. She had actually been injured and filed a lawsuit against the company.
The lady explained that the reason she wanted to see her Nassau County Criminal Lawyer was because she did not know anyone in the country. Her lawyer was the only person she trusted at that time.
After the woman’s injury she was living in a hotel while the company was paying to care for her. She was left for dead around 10 miles away from this hotel. Fortunately the hotel’s state of the art security system would unlock many of the secrets of the case.
The hotel management was only too willing to help with the police investigation. There are sixteen security cameras which record footage whenever movement is detected. There are also two security guards which patrol at night. This means that the hotel will be able to see everything that happens.
The police get hold of the video footage from these security cameras and started the painstaking task of watching them all.
After some time, the victim was able to talk. She explained that on the night of the incident she had dined at a restaurant in Coconut Grove with a friend. She then returned to the hotel at around midnight by taxi.
The footage from the security camera showed her that she left at 3:33 AM. On questioning the victim, it was learned that she went to buy a phone card. She then returned after just under 10 minutes. She walked into the elevators a minute later and then the cameras never picked her up again.
Then the victim dos not remember anything that happened. She just remembers a brief moment of consciousness at the place she was found the next day.
The case is still ongoing. As the victim was in shock it could be that she will remember more details in the days or months after this event.

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