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Tennessee Couple Accused of Stealing From Church

The one place where money and all other things should be sacred was not so, recently. A Massachusetts couple has been accused of stealing from the First Presbyterian Church in Tennessee in January, alleges a charge. The couple were both acting suspicious and were questioned when they left the church. When the man became rude is when the police were called.

The couple was leaving the church and the man had his coat draped in an unorderly and funny fashion. A woman who was a member of the church spotted the young couple acting weird and questioned what they were holding. The man swore at her and took off out of the church. The police were then alerted, reported a source.

The police took a report from the church and went to look for the couple. It only took a matter of a few minutes before each one was found in a separate location in the town, said the police. They were driving a truck that had been stolen the week before from a New Jersey address. The jug they stole contained a small donation to a charity. The couple faces multiple charges of grand larceny, lying to investigators, lying to police and a few other charges are pending. The male of the couple, who is only 19 years old, is also wanted on other drug and theft charges in other states. A date for their preliminary hearing has not been set.

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