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Child’s Death Occurred at the Hands of His Own Mother reports a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer

A deranged woman, a distraught father and ex-husband and an extremely confused grandmother all try to make out the details behind the murder of an eight-year-old boy. The father, who lives across the country, said he thought that the grandmother of the child had identified the little boys body. However, he learned after 48 hours that is son’s body remained in the medical examiner’s office without a proper identification. The mother is now considered a criminal and will need legal advice. She apparently murdered her son by feeding him ground up prescription medication.

The mother, who is now in a psyche ward, had emailed a relative indicating that there was a problem. The police burst into the home only to find an incoherent mother babbling, a suicide note suggesting that more information could be found on the computer and an unconscious little boy. The crime lab has the computer and will be examining it for further information.

The Law Firm of Steven Bilkis and Associates and its Nassau County Criminal Lawyers could help a young father determine what and why his ex-wife would commit such a horrible crime. The autopsy was inconclusive and the child’s father who was distraught said the woman was a good mother and he couldn’t imagine why she would do such a thing. The father was also decidedly upset that his son was left unidentified when obviously relatives much closer to the family could have made the identification. According to a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer, he was planning to make the trek across the country to identify the little boy and hopefully gets some answers while planning a burial.

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