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Cybill Shepherd’s Son Charged with Burglary and should call a New York Criminal Lawyer


People are using more and more carry on luggage as airlines extend the cost of checking luggage to astronomical rates. And, most travelers prefer to keep valuables with them onboard the plane. However, even stowing your carry-on luggage in the overhead bins is simply not enough to ensure that your valuables are secure. A New York Criminal Lawyer reports that Cybll Shepherd’s son was charged with burglary under these very circumstances.

Cybll Shepherd’s son was in court in Philadelphia for burglary, which occurred by rummaging through passengers carry on bags and taking money, cameras and other valuables. While on a cross-country United Airlines flight, most passengers probably found time to nap and thus losing site of their carry-on bags. And, Cyrus Sheppherd-Oppenheim apparently thought that this would be a great opportunity to pick up a few valuables that didn’t belong to him. He has a trial date of April 20th on theft and other related charges.

Cyrus’s New York Criminal Lawyer expects that this case will end like many others with a pretrial diversion program. According to the attorney, the passengers left the flight with their valuables. This information makes the case against Cyrus more confusing.

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