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College Football Player Charged with DUI


A star football player on a major college football team gets in trouble with alcohol. A sad story that once again repeats itself. He was handed the best opportunity in America: free education and a chance to be a star player – all he had to do was follow the rules, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. But, he couldn’t. The player was arrested for a DUI late at night and the shame didn’t stop there. Not only was he arrested but the player was not allowed to fly with the team to their next game. Now, his entire college career (and possibly his entire future) is on the line, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. All because he couldn’t follow the rules.

Not only was he a star on his own team, the kicker was also one of the best in the nation. A chance at NFL greatness was a real possibility. While a DUI has happened to other athletes and many have rebounded, in an age of internet awareness and more importantly in an age where players are given millions and millions of dollars, you can be sure that NFL teams will now think twice before getting into bed with someone they may not trust to stay sober, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer.

All he had to do was wake up, go to class, practice, and not screw up. Things that normal people and normal college kids do every day. But, he couldn’t, and now his entire life may be wasted away.

DUI charges can ruin your life. If you’ve been charged with a DUI contact a New York Criminal Attorney today.

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