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Rabbis At Heart of Sex Abuse Scandal


A man of the clothe uses his position of power to sexually abuse a helpless victim. His church looks the other way, perhaps out of shame or something more nefarious, and the abuse continues on for years. Victims claim they have been hurt but no one listens because, after all, what holy man would ever do that to an innocent? But the twist in this story is that this time it is not the Catholic Church at the center of everything, but rather the Orthodox Jewish Community, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

A manhunt has begun for a rabbit and his twenty something year old son. Both are wanted in connection with the sexual abuse of at least four women – all of them, disgustingly enough, family members. The horrible tale is just the tip of the iceberg, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. In Brooklyn alone there have been at least twenty nine reported investigations into sexual abuse at the hands of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis. Spokespeople believe this is an unchecked epidemic that may be silently sweeping the nation, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Much like the sex abuse scandal that has plagued the Catholic Church, the repercussions of this story may only just be beginning.

As for why the abuse is never reported, speculations are rampant but the most common is simple: the belief that even if the behavior is wrong the punishment should be handled within the community, notes a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police one’s own people, as the saying might go.

If you find yourself the victim of, the accused of, sexual abuse, contact a New York Criminal Attorney today to ensure you are protected.

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