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Connecticut Man Found Guilty of Murders


All that’s left is the sentencing – which could be the death penalty.
A man convicted of breaking into a home has been convicted of capital murder in a case involving the horrific killings of a Connecticut nurse and her two daughters, sources tell New York Criminal Lawyers. The conviction was difficult for family members, including the father who survived the attacks, but now they must suffer another trial, in which a jury must decide whether the murderer should be put to death.
The 47-year-old crack addict and career burglar raped and strangled the nurse after binding her wrists and ankles in her living room. He also helped his 29-year-old accomplice murder the daughters, ages 17 and 11 by tying them to their beds, dousing them with gasoline and burning them alive. Both died of smoke inhalation, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The younger girl had been raped by the 29-year-old assailant, according to DNA evidence, while the older girl collapsed on the landing outside her bedroom, still aflame, after her restraints had burned through.
Only the father survived the random attack, clubbed nearly to death. He broke free just before his house burst into flames, and made his way across two backyards, still bound by the ankles, to summon help, sources told a NY Criminal Lawyer.
The 47-year-old murderer confessed to the rape and murder of the mother, but claimed his accomplice insisted he did so to “square things up” after the younger man raped the little girl. Prosecutors insist both were equally culpable in the brutal attack and both should receive the maximum penalty.
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