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Rutgers Student Complained of Voyeurs Before Fall from Bridge


The Rutgers freshman who jumped off a bridge apparently due to video voyeurism had faced the problem previously, New York Criminal Lawyers have learned. He had already complained to a dorm advisor and two other officials that his roommate spied upon his gay tryst and streamed it live with a webcam.
The deceased 18-year-old student wrote about his difficulties with his roommate on a gay message board. He had tried multiple times to have some action taken because of the voyeurism. There was no hint of suicide in his posts, but he was clearly upset and no longer wished stay with his roommate.
The 18-year-old young man said in the messages that he went to the dorm adviser to get a new room once he learned about the first streaming incident. His roommate had invited followers on Twitter to watch a second sexual encounter. “He seemed to take it seriously,” the student wrote in a post, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Fifteen hours later, he plunged into the Hudson River from the George Washington Bridge.
The roommate and a friend, both 18 years of age were charged with invasion of privacy and a Rutgers spokesman told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the investigations were ongoing. A Middlesex County prosecutor said to New York Criminal Lawyers that investigators are consider the evidence to see if there are grounds enough to charge the two perpetrators with a bias crime.
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