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Cop Acquitted of Assault Charges Against Judge Girlfriend


Though whatever occurred between a police officer and his judge girlfriend resulted in her sustaining a cut on her scalp and multiple scrapes and bruises, it did not amount to assault, according to a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury.
It took five hours of deliberations over two days for the jury – composed of eight women and four men – to acquit the 49-year-old officer of both aggravated and simple assault charges, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. The officer was found guilty, however, of violating Pennsylvania’s wiretap statute. He recorded a number of the judge’s angry calls to him three days after their fight without her consent or knowledge.
Three days after the altercation, the officer had already been suspended from his job as a narcotics detective. His defense attorney told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the recordings had been an attempt for the officer to defend himself against his bosses, because he feared his side of the story would not have been believed otherwise.
The verdict will likely not result in jail time, but could result on job loss. The officer had no comment as he left the hearing. The officer’s attorney told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the officer would fight to get his job back and file a civil lawsuit against the 48-year-old judge, alleging that she charged her boyfriend of four years falsely. The judge had already retired from her position in 2001, after complaints from lawyers about her courtroom behavior and management.
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