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Rapper T.I. Avoids Drug Charges


Famed rapper T.I. has had a recent string of bad news but a Los Angeles area prosecutor decided to cut the artist a break. Earlier this year T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, was arrested by authorities. The arrest was for possession of drugs and took place after a routine traffic stop, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. A day after the arrest T.I. failed a drug test. The arrest and drug test failure resulted in the rapping icon violating his parole. As a result, Clifford “T.I.” Harris was ordered back to prison where he will serve the remainder of his 11 month sentence, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Prosecutors had the option of charging T.I. with the offense, trying him, and then having him serve the time after his Atlanta-based jail time was finished. However, they used their prosecutorial discretion and dropped the charges, notes a New York Criminal Lawyer. It is a silver of a silver lining on an otherwise quite dark cloud, for T.I. Not so lucky may be the woman accompanying T.I. at the time of the arrest. Prosecutors have not decided whether they will charge her with drug possession.

T.I. was out on parole for a weapons based offense. The rapper had attempted to illegally purchase several high powered machine guns in Atlanta, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. He briefly served jail time but was to spent the rest of his time in public service, mentoring the youth of the community, advising them of how they could avoid a similar fate.

Drug and weapon based offenses are serious matters and often require intense legal maneuvering. If you find yourself in a situation similar to T.I. immediately contact a New York Based Criminal Attorney.

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