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Cop Not Guilty of Assault, But Guilty of Lying


A former copy was acquitted of assault after knocking a protester form his bike, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer, but he was convicted of lying about what did actually happen.
The verdict seems to rely upon a YouTube video of the incident that occurred in Times Square in 2008. The tape shows the rookie officer slamming into a biker, who had apparently been trying to avoid the cop.
The 24-year-old ex-cop claimed he arrested the biker, after the cyclist purposely ran into him, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. The ex-officer also claimed on the witness stand that his superiors ordered him to do something about the bikers during a protest.
Officially, the NYPD portrayed him as a rogue officer, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer, but the jury found him not guilty of harassment and assault. The ex-officer was acquitted of four of six accounts, but he still may get up to four years in prison once his sentence comes down. He may also get no jail time at all, if the judge decides such.
Since the ex-officer had quit the NYPD already and has been convicted of a felony, it is impossible for him to become a police officer again. He had no reaction to the verdict, nor did he offer any comment.
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