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Porn Queen Accuses UFC Fighter with Abuse


Ultimate Fighting Championship star Tito Ortiz, 35, was charged with felony domestic violence against the mother of his twin boys, former porn star Jenna Jameson. The 36-year-old leading lady of XXX-rated movies told a New York Criminal Lawyer, “Tito is a loving, sweet man. I’ve always supported him. For him to lash out at me is shocking.”
When asked if she was going to press charges, she responded, “Oh, yeah!” “You have to press charges,” Jameson explained. “This isn’t just something you can get over.” Jameson’s father, an ex-Las Vegas cop, told a New York Criminal Lawyer that his daughter obtained a restraining order immediately against Ortiz.
Ortiz himself denied being abusive, even as cops placed him in the back of a squad car. A brusque “No” was his only response when he was asked about the accusation by a cameraman during his arrest. Jameson’s father was at the house, owned by Ortiz, when the abuse occurred. He was the one who called 911, reporting a “disturbance” at 9:53 a.m.
Ortiz, formerly an Ultimate Fighting light heavyweight champ, was taken to Huntington Beach Jail and posted $50,000 bail. His career may be in danger due to the charges. “We’re going to be fair, but we could cut him,” the Ultimate Fighting boss told a New York Family Lawyer. “Other than going on a killing spree, being accused of domestic violence is the worst thing you can have going for you.”
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