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Crazed Brooklyn Lesbian fatally stabs ex-lover’s husband Says a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

Insanity was the plea for Anastasiya Andreyeva after the fatal stabbing of her ex girlfriend’s husband. Andreyeva claimed she saw the devil himself as he appeared through a flaming candle. Elina Kats and her husband Alesky Kats were terrified by the appearance of Ana trying to harm herself. Andreyeva says she started shaking when and heard voices in her mind. Kats told her to lie down and get some sleep, but instead Andreyeva went to the kitchen and got a knife, which she used on Kats, killing him in the process. Mark Hale, the prosecutor of the case, says “She believed this was an act mandated by God.” If you have been put under arrest, you need a New York Criminal Defense Attorney on your side to protect your legal rights. At 1-800-NYNY-LAW we will give you a free consultation to speak with a NY Criminal Attorney and discuss your options.

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