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Crime Scene Photographer charged with his fourth DUI, reports New York Criminal Lawyers


A 51-year old man, who was a crash scene photographer, was charged with a DUI this week, after he was seen driving right past the scene of a fatal crash by local police, New York Criminal Lawyers reported.

The suspect has been convicted three times in the past fifteen years for driving while intoxicated according to court documents.

Police suspected the photographer was drunk when he drove past the crash scene, went down the street, then returned and parked half on the street and half on the curb.

Upon further investigation the man failed a field-sobriety test and was taken to a local hospital for blood tests, which revealed he was well over the .08 percent limit for driving.

New York Criminal Lawyers reported that the man quit the photographer job after being suspended without pay

“He came to our office here, signed out a pool vehicle, drove to the scene of the accident, and it was when he arrived there that state police did their job very well,” reported the employer of the suspect.

When asked about the future of the suspect’s employment based on his record of being charged three times for DUI, the employer said.

“If the information is accurate, then the last time this employee was convicted was over a decade ago,” adding that the company evaluates employees on a case-by-case basis. “And if they go through the ARD program and successfully complete it, then they are reinstated after all that is completed to our satisfaction, and only then.”

Being charged with a crime when your job is on the line is very stressful for anybody. New York Criminal Attorneys can help ease the pain. New York Criminal Attorneys will handle your case with care and work through the details for you.

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