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Possible Drunk Woman arrested for striking cars and injuring, New York Criminal Lawyers Report


A 62-year-old woman, suspected of driving drunk, crashed her Mercedes-Benz multiple times injuring two people and damaging four vehicles in under ten minutes Tuesday, according to New York Criminal Lawyers.

The suspect’s car finally hit a tree, where an innocent bystander took the keys out of the car and held the driver until officers arrived New York Criminal Lawyers said.
“She tried to get away going eastbound on Santa Cruz,” said a Police spokesperson.
“It looked like she was trying to go across the median because she saw a lot of traffic, but was unsuccessful because of the tree.”

The accidents began when the driver backed out of her parking spot, and struck two parked cars while simultaneously pinning a man between two cars. While others in the parking lot helped free the trapped man, she flew down another street and hit two parked cars, one with a woman in it, before finally hitting the tree to end her tirade.

“The accidents took place in two different spots, but it didn’t take that long,” New York Criminal Lawyers report.

The man who was trapped between two cars and the woman who was in one of the parked cars she hit were both left with minor injuries.

The suspect was taken to the police station where she refused a field sobriety test. A Phlebotomist checked her blood was unavailable for comment on the results. She was ultimately arrested for allegedly driving drunk, driving recklessly and hitting two cars and running causing injuries for two people.

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