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Criminal Trespass is a crime of varying degrees

Criminal Trespass is defined as a person knowingly entering a property without the permission of the property owner. There are factors in a particular Criminal Trespass case that a District Attorney will investigate such as the reason the individual entered the property, and did the individual use a weapon. It will be the job of your New York Criminal Trespass Lawyer to defend your rights and argue with the District Attorney about the details of your particular case. If you have been charged, you know that Criminal Trespass can range from a Misdemeanor to a Felony. Depending on what you are actually charged with, your punishment can range from 90 days to up to a year in jail for a Misdemeanor, and if you are found guilty of a Felony, your sentence can amount to anything over a year in prison. It is important to have the knowledge and experience of a qualified New York Criminal Lawyer on your side.
The charge of Criminal Trespass can also overlap with other crimes, and is also a subset of a Burglary charge. In a Burglary, a person unlawfully enters a premises with the intent to commit a crime within. If you are charged with a Burglary crime, you should contact a New York Burglary Lawyer without delay. A charge of Burglary, depending on what degree you are charged with, can greatly increase your punishment if you are found guilty.

The more serious your Criminal Trespass charges are, the more important it is to seek the guidance of a NYC Criminal Lawyer. Whether you have been charged with a violation of Criminal Trespass in the 1st degree, or charged with the Felony of Criminal Trespass in the first degree, it is advisable that you have the guidance of a qualified New York Criminal Trespass Lawyer.

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