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An Examination of Domestic Violence

One of the most common crimes in New York is Domestic Violence. This category of crime is so common in fact, that the New York court system has courtrooms specially set aside just for these types of cases. The courts have merged the New York Criminal Court and the Family Court to properly handle the caseload. It is interesting to note that technically, there is not crime of Domestic Violence per se, but rather a collection of offenses that constitute this crime, committed within the context of a family or blood relationship, or having a child in common. Some of the crimes may include Assault, Rape, stalking, Sexual Abuse or other Sex Crime, kidnapping, harassment and even Murder. If you are involved in a Domestic Violence conflict, call a New York Domestic Violence Lawyer as soon as possible. Obtaining legal advice is the best way to successfully navigate your way though the legal system and obtain the best result possible.
Because of the volume of cases in this area of law, the New York has created what is called an IDV, or Integrated Domestic Violence Courtroom, which serves to combine criminal punishments with newer case management programs such as anger management, counseling and parenting classes. The creation of the IDV program is to address the criminal court and family court overlap, and specifically address matters such as protection orders, custody and visitation issues, among others. It is helpful for all parties involved that the case be handled in one courtroom, by one judge, to better serve the parties involved and eliminate potential bureaucratic snafus.

When you contact your New York Domestic Violence Lawyer, the will work with the Judge and the District Attorney to discourage conventional and perhaps harsh methods of criminal punishment and defend you innocence. A Queens Criminal Lawyer will serve to defend you against any charges of Assault, sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a child, or even Murder

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