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Death Row Inmate Finally Executed

It had been more than 20 years since he’d brutally slain his victim and while the old adage that justice delayed is justice denied may often prove true at least in this case justice has finally been doled out. The appeals process in a death penalty case can often be a long, arduous, and trying affair for all involved, notes a New York Criminal Lawyer. The families of both the victim and killer are often required to go through rigorous investigatory processes. They can be subjected to intense questioning both in and out of the court room, said a New York Criminal Lawyer.

In this case, the delay was unique in that the killer’s appeal made its way to the United States of America’s Supreme Court. The high court of the land heard arguments from both sides about whether the origin of one of the drugs used in executing the killer needed to be disclosed, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. Newly appointed Justice Elena Kagan made one of her first rulings as a Supreme Court Justice, voting with the minority of justices in believing that the prosecutors needed to disclose from which country the drug had originated. She was on the wrong side on this day though as the Court voted 5-4 in permitting the execution to proceed. The court sounded quite annoyed that the appeal had ever made it this far, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The company that makes the drug in question had temporarily suspended production of the drug, leading officials to seek supplies from a company outside the United States. Defense attorneys argued that this could constitute cruel and unusual punishment and would thus violated the US Constitution.

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