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Elderly Robbery Suspect Pleads Not Guilty


An elderly man has been accused of trying to rob a busy midtown bank the day after he got out of prison, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. He pleaded not guilty, even though he was wounded in the attempt.
The 69-year-old man was shot in the leg during the holdup at a Chase branch near Madison Square Garden, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. He had to come to Manhattan Federal Court in a wheelchair.
“It hurts. I can’t stand,” the suspect told his court-appointed attorney, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. He was wearing a yellow band on his wrist that labeled him as a ‘fall risk’, so the authorities bringing him to court or to and from his cell would handle him accordingly.
The suspect nodded when the federal judge asked if he understood the charges. He pleaded not guilty to bank robbery and brandishing a knife, and was ordered to remain in custody without bail. He is to return to court on November 15. When a 65-year-old federal marshal wheeled the suspect out of the courtyard, the slightly-older ex-convict said, “Thank you, young man.”
The suspect has already served 22 years in prison for a number of bank robbers committed in Louisiana, Nevada, Washington State, and Utah, New York Criminal Lawyers have learned. He had been released for a day when he was arrested for bank robbery again, from a federal prison in Fairton, New Jersey.
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