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Decrease in drunk driving arrests resulting from harsher penalties,

Drunk driving, DWI, maims and kills many hundreds of people every year, and has long been a leading cause of death and accidents on our highways and city streets. It continues to be a prevalent threat to our health and safety on America’s roadways today, but apparently the threat is lessening. Perhaps harsher laws and stricter penalties for driving under the influence have contributed to the decline, as fewer people are being arrested for drunk driving now than just a few years ago, believes a reporter.

Arizona, alone, is a state that has seen and reported a dramatic decrease in the number of people arrested and cited for drunk driving, reports the study. In fact, while over 2700 people were arrested on drunk driving charges last December, that number was substantially lower than the 3600 Arizona drivers that were charged during the same time frame just one year earlier. Across the state, officers stopped almost 30,000 individuals for suspicion of drunk driving, which shows their dedication to keeping the roads safe.

Despite the large number of traffic stops, however, it seems that fewer people were arrested. Fewer arrests means less risk for the general public, affirms the source. Police have stepped up their watch in regards to driving under the influence, DWI, undergoing training and education that enables them to more readily point out those who are putting people at risk. There is something to be said for the ‘no tolerance’ policies that have put into place across the country. Keeping our citizens safe is an idea whose time has finally come.

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