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Dialing the Wrong Number Lands Woman in Police Custody


Knowing who you have called is usually a good idea. For a woman almost arrested and then subsequently used to arrest others, it would have been a great idea, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The thirty five year old woman picked up her phone as she had so many other times. She was nervous, shaky, and in need of drugs. All she wanted to do was score one more hit. She needed her fix and and she needed it now. So, she dialed the number of her drug dealer and told him she needed drugs and she needed them now, reported a New York Criminal Lawyer.

The only problem this woman faced: she dialed the wrong number. Instead of calling her drug dealer she accidentally called the police, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. (Incidentally, to any drug dealers reading: maybe it would be a good idea to not have a number similar to that of the police department.) The officer on the other end was surprised to hear a woman calling and asking for drugs, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. In the detective world they call that one a “gimmie.” So, he played a long, listened to the woman, and set up a meeting. There the police grabbed her, cuffed her, and took her into custody.

But, perhaps this is one time when crime paid because the woman was not arrested. Instead, the police used her to set up meetings with drug dealers and then arrested those drug dealers, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. One can only hope that she dialed the right number when setting up those meetings!

If you have been arrested for a crime, perhaps because you called the wrong number, you have rights that need and deserve to be protected. Deals, like this one, can be worked out and jail time is not automatic. Contact a New York Criminal Attorney today to protect your rights!

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