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Drunk Pilot Arrested After Trying to Fly Plane to Wrong City


Driving while drunk is a serious problem, part of an almost epidemic like disease that the country has to deal with on a daily basis – but flying drunk? Authorities in London detained a Delta Airlines pilot after discovering that the man was intoxicated and yet was going to still attempt to fly the massive airplane, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. According to the London authorities the man had a blood alcohol level of more than five times the legal limit (yes, apparently there is a certain level of drunkenness permitted for pilots).

Delta Airlines, when giving a public statement, sounded shocked, disappointed, and surprised by the entire ordeal. They noted that they are proud of the fact that Delta Airlines has amongst the strictest no drinking and flying policies in all the world, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. Still, despite all that, the man still almost boarded the plane and took off. All that stopped him? The flight was destined for Detroit and while flying drunk to Detroit is not an extra stiff offense when you board the plane telling authorities that you intend to land in New York that is when you get in trouble, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Add to the fact that the man had untied shoe laces, a dis shelved appearance, and smelled of alcohol and you have a cocktail for disaster – no pun intended.

The man is still in the UK, facing charges there of flying a plane while drunk. He will later be returned to the United States of America, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. FAA officials say they will open their own investigation into the matter.

While flying drunk is not a problem many face, driving drunk is. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, or any other crime, contact a New York Criminal Attorney today to ensure your rights are protected.

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