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District Attorney Attempts to Cut Illegal Knife Sales


Manhattan prosecutors are attempting to carve away the sale of illegal knives by removing them from city stores, according to New York Criminal Lawyers.
Investigators bought unlawful knives, such as switchblades and gravity knives from 14 different locations, including several prominent chains in the New York area.
Some of the stores have already made an agreement to cease the sale of these knives, hand over their inventories to the authorities, and turn over any proceeds made from the sale of the knives – totaling about $1.9 million – to a public awareness campaign.
“What makes these knives so dangerous is the ease with which they can be concealed and brandished,” a district attorney reported. Videos of undercover officer work shown to New York Criminal Lawyers depicted some merchants openly demonstrating their illegal knives. One of these merchants even told an undercover customer, “I’m not supposed to show you this,” before taking out a folding knife, sources informed a New York Criminal Lawyer.
A New York District Attorney has noted about a third of the homicides in Manhattan involve knives. Many of the illegal blades have already been collected, and the authorities hope to effectively end their sale from otherwise legitimate storefronts.
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