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Drug Bill Attempts to Reduce Overdose Deaths


There are some heroin addicts who are lucky enough to have friends call 911 when they happen to overdose. There are many more whose friends are afraid to call the authorities for fear of arrest, experts told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
A Long Island organization is attempting to change that by lobbying for a law which would give limited immunity from prosecution for possession of a small amount of drugs or alcohol for minors, to people seeking emergency medical attention for someone who is overdosing, a doctor announced to New York Criminal Lawyers.
“There’s a one- to three-hour window before an overdose becomes a fatality,” the doctor related to a New York Criminal Lawyer. “It’s enough time to save a life.” He concluded by saying most overdose victims survive if they receive medical attention in time.
The proposed law was introduced by two Manhattan Democrats, a state senator and a state assemblyman, but it was stalled. The Long Island Council is hoping to get the bill passed in its latest session.
“We can’t go through a long, hot summer where we’re losing kids needlessly,” said the doctor.
The bill has limitations. Anyone with an outstanding warrant or drug dealers or those who possess large amounts of drugs would still be subject to prosecution, according to New York Criminal Lawyers.
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