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DNA Evidence Leads to Freedom


Two men serving life sentences for murder in a Mississippi prison were recently exonerated by a federal judge, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. They had spent thirty years in prison, but were finally going free, thanks to DNA evidence that indicated another man had committed the crime.
A third man is also going to be cleared of charge, though he died in prison several years ago. The two wrongly convicted men say they were pressured into pleading guilty to a violent rape and murder back in 1979.
One of the men sent an application for help to the Innocence Project, with the assistance of a corrections officer. The attorneys of the Innocence Project requested a DNA test of the evidence from the rape kit.
The test results indicated a different man had committed the crime. The real criminal is already serving a life sentence, after being convicted of rape in 1982, sources tell New York Criminal Lawyers.
The first thing one of the freed men did was have lunch with his lawyers, who drove him to New Orleans, afterward. His entire possessions included two Bibles, a pair of flip-flops, some shampoo, and some socks.
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