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Disney Ex-Assistant Confesses Scheme


A former assistant to a Walt Disney corporate communications chief admitted in court that she tried to sell confidential information in a scheme with her boyfriend, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.
She pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and one count of wire fraud before a U.S. Magistrate Judge, legal sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. New York Criminal Lawyers have learned the former assistant is free on $50,000 bond and is at her home in Los Angeles.
The former assistant admitted to passing information about Disney’s quarterly earnings to her boyfriend, who was planning to sell the information to investors. He also pleaded guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. According to sentencing guidelines, she will get four to ten months in prison while he may have to serve 27 to 33 months in prison.
The boyfriend is a Moroccan citizen who faces deportation. He has been jailed and was required to forfeit the $15,000 he had already made.
Prosecutors told New York Criminal Lawyers that the boyfriend sent letters to at least 33 investment companies, advising them that he had confidential earnings information to sell about Disney. He and the former assistant met with undercover agents and he took $15,000 for the information.
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