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Hillsboro Police Arrest Suspected Bank Robbers


A man and a woman were arrested by Hillsboro police department for robbing a bank. A New York Criminal Lawyer was handed a report which says the bank robbers were caught because the teller managed to slip a tracking device in with the money.

A 23 year old man and 30 year old women from Arizona were arrested and charged with bank robbery.

The bank robbers tried to obtain cash from the Sterling Savings Bank in Hillsboro. The 23 year old male entered the bank and handed a note to the teller demanding cash. According to eye witness reports, no weapons were used in the heist. If guns had been part of the heist, Gun Possession could be another charge they’d have to face. In Brooklyn and Westchester County, gun possession is a very serious crime and Brooklyn Criminal Lawyers have to be on their toes to get their clients off.

The bank teller handed him the money but also managed to put a tracking device inside the package. The suspect then ran away from the bank and fortunately didn’t notice the tiny tracking device which was inside the package of notes.

As indicated in the report, the bank then activated its alarm according to normal procedures. This alerted the police to the bank robbery and they responded by sending out patrol cars.

The police managed to locate the suspects by tracing the tracking device. This allowed them to find the suspect’s vehicle which was parked up around half a mile away from the bank. The female driver was detained immediately, but the male was not in the passenger seat.

A Beaverton police officer and dog searched for the male assailant who was later found hiding in the rear of the truck. The tracking device and money were found with the male suspect in the back of the truck.

If it wasn’t for the bravery of the teller who managed to slip the tracking device into the envelope containing the cash, the bank robbers may have been able to evade capture. At the very least, the actions of the teller managed to reduce the time it took to find and detain the suspects.

The case is currently still being investigated by both the local Hillsboro police department and the FBI.

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