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Driver Hits 4 Girls in Hit-and-Run


A driver ran a red light and hit four 16-year-old girls crossing in a crosswalk, a New York Criminal Lawyer reports. The 26-year-old driver “hit all four of these young ladies with such force that he sent two of them flying onto the sidewalk and the other two were clinging for their lives on the hood of this car,” a police source related to a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The girls had been returning from an afterschool trip to the mall when they were hit by the Toyota. A 45-year-old contractor who witnessed the accident chased the hit-and-run driver down in his own car, for nearly a mile, eventually forcing the driver of the Toyota to stop. The contractor then held the suspect until police arrived.
A police detective said of the accident, “they’re screaming. They’re on the hood of the car. They’re bleeding. [The hit-and-run driver] does not stop.” The driver did stop at one point “to get them off his car, as you would some debris or a pile of now off the hood of your car,” the detective continued.
Though one girl required more than one hundred stitches to her head, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer, it is expected that all four girls will survive. With the help of a court-appointed attorney and interpreter, the driver pleaded not guilty to a number of misdemeanors, including reckless endangerment and assault.
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