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Recent crime news


Several recent crimes have come to the attention of a New York Criminal Lawyer.
First, two alleged thieved are presently being sought after by police who wish to question them in connection with two recent robberies, one on March 12, the other only a few days later. Both times the suspects stole cash while brandishing a gun. No one appears to have been hurt during either attack.

Next, a man was just arrested for possession of illegal substances and counterfeit DVDs, as well as colliding with a female police officer while fleeing arrest. The man was said to be exchanging the DVDs for marijuana. Both were found on his person when arrested. The police officer was treated for a sprained ankle and wrist, say New York Criminal Lawyer.

A further crime was recently committed in Manhattan by a vagrant, who allegedly grabbed an eighteen year old woman from behind and raped her. The two had some previous acquaintance with each other, and the man has since been arrested. The New York Criminal Lawyer reports that the crime occurred last Friday.

A local thug was arrested the other day for threatening to kill his friend’s brother. He had allegedly taken a knife out of a bag and telling the victim that he was going to kill him. Police arrested the man shortly after and were able to recover the knife, says a New York Criminal Lawyer.

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