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Driver of ice cream truck kills pedestrian,


A man driving an ice cream truck admits to hitting and killing a disabled pedestrian while driving under the influence. The man was driving illegally with a suspended license just after 7pm when he struck a disabled man who had fallen in the road with his walker and was attempting to pull himself up. The driver of the ice cream truck also admits that he did not stop and assist the man he had hit. 

According to the NYC Criminal Lawyer, a witness to the incident alerted police, who then tracked down the driver of the ice cream truck and apprehended him at his home. After investigating the man, police learned that his driver’s license had been suspended until 2030 because of his multiple DWI incidents.

The victim of the crash died at the scene, recounted the New York Criminal Lawyer, and pending the investigation more information would be released. This incident is a clear example of how the laws for driving while intoxicated do not prevent people from continuing to drive drunk. If the man had received a worse penalty for driving with a suspended license the first time perhaps the man would have changed his course of actions. 

Repeat offenders seem to lose any and all respect for the laws that limit their ability to live the life that they know, believes the New York Criminal Lawyer. For some individuals, nothing but incarceration will keep them from getting behind the wheel, and this puts everyone at risk. In this instance, the man driving the ice cream truck is was freed on $250,000 bond and is on the streets again while he is awaiting trial. 

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