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Suspect Arrested in Shooting Death


Within hours of the killing, the shooting suspect was in police custody, reports a New York City Criminal Lawyer. While the exact cause of the shooting is still unclear and the investigation is continuing, there are some facts of this case that are clear.
At approximately 11:20pm on Tuesday night, the suspect entered into the home where he had previously been staying with his sister and her boyfriend until moving out recently. After some discussion, the suspect was told to leave by the victim. It was at this point that he pulled out a gun and shot his sister’s boyfriend multiple times in front of her and another unidentified person, and then fled the scene. The shooting suspect’s sister frantically called 911 and was at the location when the police arrived and gave police a description of the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect was soon located driving south and was arrested by officers without incident. The New York Criminal Lawyer has confirmed that the shooting suspect is being held without bail and is facing murder charges.
What police still do not have in this case is a motive for the shooting. The suspect’s sister has stated that he just started shooting for no apparent reason after being asked to leave. Although the victim was the grandson of a late, well-known local defense attorney, and there were more than 1,500 marijuana plants discovered at the scene, none of these seem to be contributing factors to the cause of the shooting, reports a NYC Criminal Lawyer.
On Wednesday, a fire truck reportedly arrived at the scene and within a short time, a flat-bed truck was seen leaving the scene with a confirmed 1,500 marijuana plants that had a brown cloth covering them. Investigators have determined that no one at the scene was in possession of the medical marijuana documentation that is necessary for them to grow the plants.
The inhabitants of the neighborhood are in disbelief as the area of the shooting is quiet and none of the victim’s neighbors have reported any incidents with anyone at that property in the past. One of the local residents simply stated that it was a total shock that something like that could have happened in their community.

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