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Driving under the influence gets prosecutor arrested after work


DWI is a threat that spans racial and economic boundaries, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. There is no general description of what type of person is most likely to drive while they are drunk. It can happen to a fry cook as easily as a doctor. The incidences of upstanding members of society being busted for driving while drunk are growing. 

Alcohol abuse can affect anyone, and the case of the prosecutor who was found to be driving drunk just shortly after having been in court all day is a good example of that. The prosecutor did not sign any warrants on that day, and coworkers did not assume the man to be intoxicated. 

After the prosecutor had left his office for the day, he was pulled over when police were alerted to a black Subaru Outback driving erratically across the center line. The police on the scene reported that the driver was obviously intoxicated. The officers said they smelled alcohol and that the driver was disoriented. The prosecutor admitted that he had been drinking. He refused to submit to the field sobriety tests that were requested of him, but officers felt that they were justified in arresting him. 

The N York Criminal Lawyer said that a special prosecutor is coming in to handle the case, which is scheduled for Feb. 2 2011. It is unknown what kind of effect the arrest will have on the man’s law career.  

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