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In Temecula, a woman previously charged with several DUI’s faces indictment for DUI vehicular manslaughter, resulting in the death of her daughter


A NY Criminal Lawyer details that on January 26, the 41-year-old woman and mother of four had recently left her son’s high school in frustration after discovering that he was not around to catch his ride with her. Upon driving home, authorities state that the Jeep containing three of her four children spun wildly out of control at a high speed and struck both a concrete light pole and a tree, which ejected two of the children, including the woman’s 10-year old daughter, who was killed. The other primary injury in this tragedy was the woman’s 17-year old son, who was also ejected from the vehicle and suffered from a broken back.
Upon testing for alcohol, authorities discovered that the defendant possessed a blood-alcohol content level of .22 percent, which is several times the legal limit and led to a DWI. An empty beer can was found inside the vehicle, as well as 11 other empty cans inside the woman’s home upon further investigation. According to police records, the defendant had previously been charged with several drunk-driving charges over the course of 15 years, including three misdemeanor charges as well as one felony charge, which ultimately led to her license being revoked for a time. After completing a drunk-driving treatment program, she was able to receive her license back in July 2010.
The defendant’s four prior convictions in the city of San Diego alone are highly suspect, and the outcome of this whole situation will likely not have a good ending for all involved. The reaction of the children’s father to this tragic state of affairs is not known. In addition to the circumstantial evidence of the alcoholic containers found in the vehicle as well as the woman’s home, an N York Criminal Lawyer determines that, according to official toxicology reports, traces of marijuana were also found in the woman’s blood. Again, the presence of illegal substances in her blood will like affect the outcome of the trial in a negative way for the defendant.

In San Diego County, it is illegal to be behind the wheel of a vehicle with blood-alcohol levels that are beyond 0.08 percent. This mother of several children from Temecula must now live with her destructive choices that led to the death of her 9-year-old daughter, of which drunk driving played a major role.

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