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DUI Ends Night of Misfortune and Poor Judgment


A New York Criminal Lawyer reported last week on yet another example of how poor judgment and lack of morality are exacerbated by the intake of alcohol, as a 30 year old man from Scottsdale, AZ clearly showed by his lack of good decision making one night last December.

The New York Criminal Lawyer reported that the suspect was driving his vehicle under the influence of alcohol at 2 am on Tuesday night when he allegedly struck a woman with his vehicle. The victim had been standing at the rear of her parked car when she was hit. The suspect did not stop to assist the woman. Instead he fled the scene of the crime in his car. The woman was later reported to have suffered non life threatening injuries and was released from the hospital later on that night.

As if a hit and run accident isn’t a bad enough judgment call for one night, reported the New York Criminal Lawyer, the suspect then proceeded to elude police in both a car chase and then again on foot after he was finally pulled over.

There comes a time in life when we need to take responsibility for our actions, and this suspect seems to have tested his limits in this regard. He is now in custody and awaiting his final punishment.

Why is it easy for some people to completely let go of morality in the face of adversity? How much does alcohol contribute to this decline in basic social tenets of respect for others? Even if there is fear of being caught, it seems like living with the knowledge of your failure to make it right would be the worst punishment of all.

Mistakes happen to all of us. A New York Criminal Attorney can help you live up to your mistakes by getting you tried fairly and respectfully. A highly skilled New York Criminal Lawyer can assist you in moving through the most challenging times in your life with understanding and clarity.

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