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Routine DUI Stop Garners Bank Robbery Suspect Arrest


As popular state and nationwide drunk driving campaigns remind us via road signs and public service announcements coast to coast; You drink, You drive, You lose. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, that holds doubly true for one 18 year old South Carolina man who was pulled over at a routine DUI checkpoint that came at the worst possible time. According to reports, the man had allegedly just robbed a bank minutes before and was fleeing the scene of the crime when authorities pulled him over at a pre-scheduled DUI checkpoint that was unknowingly very strategically placed.

The mind of a bank robber is no doubt full of worries and concerns, the getaway being one of them. Any number of things can go wrong. This getaway was bungled as soon as it began, according to the New York City Criminal Lawyer. Reports show that the suspect, driving a gold Acura, attempted to turn around once he reached the officers at the DUI checkpoint, which had been set up just 15 minutes prior to the bank being robbed mere blocks away. After his attempt at escaping on wheels failed, the man jumped out of his vehicle in attempt to flee law enforcement officers. After a brief chase he was caught and arrested.

The DUI checkpoint was disbanded at that point, having successfully apprehended a suspect who may have eluded officers for quite some time had the checkpoint not been there to intercept him, reports the New York Criminal Lawyer, though official reports state that the checkpoint was called on account of rain.

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