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DWI Cases Suspended in Seattle


The police department in Seattle has launched a major internal investigation into the alleged mishandling of dozens of drunken-driving cases by members of the department’s DWI Squad, according the initial reports. This means some cases will have to be placed on hold while the investigation goes on, a Long Island Criminal Lawyer explained.

A local attorney made a statement that his criminal division will go over recent and past driving-under-the-influence (DWI) cases to figure out if they may be affected by the police investigation.

Sources familiar with the matter and later confirmed by the department states that there were arrest warrants that weren’t properly filed and investigated. Moreover, it is believed that illegal searches of vehicles focused on locating guns, drugs and other contraban, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Other officers will be put on special assignment to take charge of the night shift squad’s regular DWI-enforcement jobs during the investigation and street officers will keep up their watch for drivers who may be under the influence, the department said.

The head of the Seattle police union who happens a 32-year veteran, often did not report to work and approved DWI arrests by phone, one reliable source confirmed.

A rubber stamp was then used by DWI officers to stamp the sergeant’s name to reports, the source said. This routine has been going on for around a year, confirmed an additional source close to the department.

The Police Department is looking into the likelihood that the sergeant’s name was stamped on reports without first getting in touch with him, said some sources inside the department.The investigation is just part of the latest trouble to hit the unit, which is under review by the U.S. Department of Justice over accusations that officers used extreme force in a couple of high-profile cases. The Justice Department, among other things, is looking at whether the Police Department has good procedures to make sure that front-line officials are keeping up with their jobs.

In a written statement, the Police Department said it will review of some “supervisory inconsistencies” within the DWI Squad. That investigation is still pending. “After a closer inspection, it was figured that administrative policy violations were in fact going on,” the statement said.

The case is still under investigation.

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