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Woman Murdered by Boyfriend as Daughter Sleeps


Police sources revealed information about a man who killed his girlfriend early one morning while their 7-year-old daughter was still asleep.

The 28-year-old suspect was charged with murder in the death of his 29-year-old girlfriend. They had been arguing starting when she returned to their apartment at 4:30 a.m. after a night out.

The victim’s body was found around 6 a.m. The little girl was unhurt. The police commissioner believes the woman was strangled, but will not know for certain until a full autopsy can be performed. As for the suspect, he fled the scene of the crime, but was arrested when he returned, a short time later.

“He’s a great man and a great dad,” the suspect’s mother said. “He was asking her why she was coming home so late when you got a daughter.”

The family of the victim had no comment. They are just dealing with this tragedy as best they can at this point.

The family of the suspect explained to a New York Criminal Lawyer that the slain woman was very strong-willed. She would do as she pleased. According to them, the suspect did kill his girlfriend of ten years – by accident. It is his claim that he was merely defending himself when she attacked him with a knife. He says they were arguing about her seeing two other men. As the couple argued, the victim called her brother. After the killing, the suspect fled to his aunt’s house four blocks away.

“He said she charged at him with a knife and he choked her,” the 44-year-old aunt said the suspect told her. “I gotta go,” the suspect told his aunt. “I know I’m going to jail. I love you.”

It was the sister of the suspect who found the victim dead, according to a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer. The suspect’s mother reported that her son was on medication for depression. She said he could be “very distant, very isolated from everybody.” She also said he never wanted to lose his girlfriend and that he loved her.

These tragedies often arise in conjunction with other offenses, including a sex crime, drug offense, or drug possession charge. While it will not erase the emotional scars these crimes cause, seeking quality legal representation will ensure that justice is served.

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