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DWI driver ice cream truck driver nearly hits child


It’s a sad day when the ice cream truck driver in your local neighborhood is arrested for driving under the influence. And, not just driving under the influence, but being nearly three times over the legal threshold, reported the New York Criminal Lawyer.

It’s a very lucky thing that the man was arrested, as he could have harmed others. As it was, the truck driver did almost hit a child and that is why the police were called. When they arrived on the scene, the trucker fell out of his ice cream vehicle and staggered over to the police. When asked what his address was, he gave them the date of his birth instead.

The man was arrested on the spot, indicated a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer, and was charged with DWI and spent some time in jail, sobering up. This case could have turned out a lot worse than it was, considering the man’s blood alcohol content was 0.227. In other words, he was more than just impaired; he was pretty much unable to function, talk, or walk coherently and had no business being behind the wheel of a vehicle. That being said, despite his arrest and time spent in jail, he is entitled to a well thought out defense.

Everyone charged with a criminal offense whether it be a DWI, assault or drug charge, is entitled to a vigorous defense. It is important to contact legal counsel right away if you have been arrested. Do not talk to the police or volunteer any information. Save the discussion of what you were doing for your lawyer.

It’s the law of the land that says those who are charged with a crime must be considered to be innocent, until they are proved guilty. Even in drunk driving cases, there are defenses that may be used to assist the driver to retain their license, have their sentence mitigated or possibly thrown out of court.

The important thing to remember is that even though something may “look” like it’s a crime or that the driver was drunk, there are cases where what you see is “not” what actually happened. Anyone charged with a criminal offense is entitled to have their say in court and the only way that will happen is with the assistance of a qualified legal counsel.

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