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NYPD accused of Sodomy


Officers of the New York Police Department have been accused of allegedly sodomizing a man during an arrest and claims to have proof, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The Brooklyn man, 27, claims to have information that the police officers altered the underwear he was wearing at the time of the event.

The attorneys for the man had called for a press conference to announce the new accusation but cancelled the event when the lawyers for the police officers demanded an emergency hearing and a gag order. The police attorneys succeeded in obtaining the gag order and a federal judge requested that the PlaintiffĂ­s attorneys not release the pictures demonstrating the proof of the altered underwear.

The man claims that the police baton used at the time of his arrest would not have produced the tear that was in his underwear. If the tear was from the baton, there should be a flap of cloth in the same area but the flap is no longer present. The PlaintiffĂ­s attorneys have concluded that the underwear was altered following the arrest suggesting tampering with evidence.

The new evidence is important in that during the police officer’s criminal trial, an expert witness for the police officers testified that a flap should have been present. The officers were acquitted but the jury did not hear the evidence of the underwear tampering. Pictures taken at the

time of the arrest of the man did show a flap and this is the proof of tampering that he wants publicized.

The police officers and the NYPD are being sued, and do not want the tampered evidence presented to the jury. Prosecutors, on the other hand, stated that the jury did see all the evidence including the pictures obtained before the tampering

and still acquitted the officers.

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