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Dying Girl Cyberbullied by 33-Year-Old Neighbor


A 7-year-old girl who has already lost her mother to Huntington’s Disease faces the disease herself. It will soon take her life, as well. Those facts are not enough to stop the girl’s 33-year-old neighbor from launching a cyberbullying assault on the little girl.
The woman admitted to posting a macabre picture of the girl on her Facebook page – a photograph of the little girl with her eyes closed and tongue hanging out, with a pair of crossed bones underneath. She also admitted to posting a Photoshopped image of the girl’s mother in the arms of the Grim Reaper. The neighbor’s reason? “Personal satisfaction,” she told a New York Criminal Lawyer. “Because it rubs their a-s raw.”
“Cyberbullying gives people the opportunity to be more aggressive than they would allow themselves to be in person,” a clinical psychologist told a New York Criminal Lawyer. “There is a weaker sense of personal responsibility. You don’t have to confront someone directly.” Police told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the two families had been feuding for years, though no one was clear on what the source of the feuding was.
The family of the girl has gotten a restraining order against the neighbor’s family and the neighborhood is firmly on the side of the child. A Facebook group devoted to her has almost 4,000 members. A toy store in Ann Arbor raised $9,000 for a shopping spree, New York Criminal Lawyers have learned.
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