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Four Found Guilty of Bombing Plot


Four men were caught in an FBI sting and convicted of planning to bomb a Bronx synagogue and shoot down military planes with heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The four men, all of Newburgh, New York, were arrested in May 2009 in Riverdale. They planted what they thought were real bombs – fakes provided by an undercover FBI informant. They face life in prison for a number of charges. The sentencing is not set to begin until March.
Their defense argued they were mere patsies who were entrapped by the FBI into a plot they would never have thought of on their own. They are planning to appeal. “We will fight again. We’re not done yet,” said one attorney to a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The jury deliberated for eight days before coming to a decision. “This was a miscarriage of justice – just like this whole investigation and trial,” another attorney said to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The four men were led to believe they would blow up a synagogue and Jewish center in the Bronx, and shoot military planes out of the sky.
Prosecutors countered defense claims of entrapment by displaying a disarmed Stinger missile and reminding the jurors that the men not only believed it was armed, but they were prepared to use it. “The defendants in this case agreed to plant bombs and use missiles they thought were very real weapons of terrorism. We are safer today as a result of these convictions,” a Manhattan U.S. Attorney told a NY Criminal Lawyer.
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