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Elementary School Principal Arrested


An elementary school principal has been arrested for obstructing officers. The incident occurred Monday evening as police responded to a burglary call and was in the process of arresting the boyfriend of the principal’s daughter. At some point during the time that police were on the scene, the principal became loud and belligerent which led to the accumulation of a crowd outside. It was at that point that police say they had no other choice than to arrest the principal as her commotions were arousing the gathering crowd of onlookers. The principal’s daughter has stated that her mom was only questioning the officers and had done nothing wrong.

The day following the incident, the principal was noticeably absent from school, as the local school board had placed her on suspension with pay pending an investigation, which they say is standard procedure. The local parents and students were left wondering what happened and why should the incident have led to her being suspended from her job when she was apparently doing a good job with the children. Some other parents, however, are asking some different questions, such as how can a school principal lecture their children on anger management when she cannot control her own temper.

A New York Criminal Lawyer has also learned that the principal has had some controversy in the past that was a function of her job. The resulting investigation of the on-campus spanking was inconclusive.

There are so many other factors that have not discovered as of this writing, and we are still awaiting comments from local law enforcement officials and from the local school district. Both are continuing their investigations. Thus far, there have been no indications as to why the principal lost her cool, or why she did not heed the law enforcement officers when they advised her to remain calm or they would have to arrest her.

In the meanwhile, the principal was released on a $150 bail and is awaiting the results of the schools investigation that will determine how soon or even if she can return to work.

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