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Family Attempts to Sell Child On Black Market and Gets Caught

There are people in the world that do horrible things every day. Some do them because they were abused as children. Some do them because they are true sociopaths who just don’t know any better. As a society we try to understand aberrant behavior. Understanding leads to transformation and a better world. But then there are some who commit acts that we just don’t understand. A grandmother, a mother, a father, and an innocent child are at the center of a sad, sad case. The plan: sell the baby on the black market. Get as much money as possible, don’t care who “owns” the child, just get the money and run, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. It was and truly is modern day slavery. Maybe even more disturbing was the fact that the parents, the mother and father the world entrusted with the safety of the child, liked the idea so much they planned to have more children for the sole reason of selling them. They wanted to be a manufacturing plant.

But, not all horrible stories have horrible endings. In a twist of fate, the grandmother turned to her other daughter to “adopt” the child, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. The grandmother had given the daughter up for adoption (ironically enough) 20 plus years ago. They had reconnected and the grandmother mentioned giving the child up for adoption, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The daughter was excited until the floor dropped out: the grandmother wanted seventy five thousand dollars for the child. That’s when she contact the authorities who set up a sting and caught the terrible trio in the act, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. The child is now safe.

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