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Millionaire Defendant Gets House Arrest

For twenty years he had awoken every day, put his pants on one leg at a time, had his breakfast like any other person, and went to work. And for those twenty years he did one thing about as well as any one else: he made money. Oh, did he make money. He took a company worthy eleven billion dollars and increased its worth to an astronomical four hundred and ninety one million dollars! And along the way he made himself wealthy, earning north of forty million dollars every year, which made him one of the highest paid CEOs on earth, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. But along the way something happened, either he was greedy or the prosecutors were looking for a high profile collar, either way he ended up indicted of a complex scheme involving stock options and fraud. Ultimately, he was found not-guilty of most of the charges but was convicted of lying. Lying about backdating stock options, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

As a result of this conviction he will serve time – easy time though, as he’ll only be confined to his home for a number of months, pay a million dollar fine, and then be free, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The probation officer in the case recommended the light sentence, which upset prosecutors, and one which the judge ultimately followed, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. All involved noted it was difficult to determine exactly what damages had occurred with the phrase, “victimless crime” being bandied about.

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