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Florida Fireman is arrested for DUI


One of the people responsible for the public safety for citizens in Florida is under arrest. A fireman who works with the Bonita Springs Fire Department was arrested for suspicion of DUI in January. A New York Criminal Lawyer says the man was seen driving erratically on a weeknight, late at night. He was pulled over and administered a sobriety test.
The police man who made the arrest did not comment on the case of the situation, since the police department and the fire department work together often. The Bonita Springs spokeswoman for the district says that the fireman will remain on staff until after his trial. The N York Criminal Lawyer believes that the job of the fireman may be in jeopardy since his job requires the driving ability of the fire trucks and rescue vehicles to get to the scene of many of the accidents. Many other public service agencies have similar rules that make their employees have clean driving records in order to maintain employment.
The fire man was only employed five years ago with the department. He was hired when he was 21 years old and has been employed ever since and in good standing. There is no official word on his upcoming trial or if he will seek a plea to avoid charges of DWI being placed on his record. If charges are not placed on his record he may be able to keep hiS job with the fire department.

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