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Greeley Colorado Cracks Down on Transnational Latin Gang


The 18th Street Gang, a group with alleged organized crime roots in Greeley Colorado, is five members short following indictments served by a Weld County Grand Jury and their subsequent arrests this past weekend according to a source identified as a NY Criminal Lawyer.
Indictments, arrest warrants and arrests were all made under the provisions of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. Authorities made one arrest out of state in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Two suspects were arrested in Greeley, Colorado, while two 18th Street Gang members were already in custody at the time warrants were served.
The suspects were all part of the notorious 18th Street Gang. 18th Street Gang has a national reputation with operations throughout the country. It formed originally in California’s Shatto Park district in Los Angeles and is regarded as one of the most active and violent gangs operating within and across US borders authorities told a NYC Criminal Lawyer.
Greeley Chief of Police held a news conference and identifie,d the suspects under arrest. Chief Jerry Garner and Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck disclosed the following details of the case to reporters:
• All suspects were arrested on single or multiple counts of racketeering, witness intimidation, and aggravated robbery and attempted aggravated robbery.
• The ages of the suspects ranged from 39 years of age down to 19 years.
• Four suspects were Hispanic. One was Caucasian. All of the suspects were male.
• Names of suspects: Rosendo Santa-Cruz, Ramon Acevedo, Christopher Cox, Joseph Perez, and Jeremiah Guajardo
Authorities indicated that the Colorado Organized Crime Act is modeled under the same legal principles as the federal RICO criminal statutes. The sources were pretty sure that there were other gang members waiting to assume the active responsibilities of the older members who were arrested and that their law enforcement activities would be successful in rounding them up and incarcerating them.

The Grand Jury names were sealed from public view out of concern for their safety. The gang members all have nicknames and aliases. The 18th Street Gang also has known aliases such as “Streeters” and “Los Pokos Klique”.

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