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Football Coach Charged with DUI


Not one, not two, not three, but seven separate offenses. That is what faces a football coach, who was arrested for amongst other things: driving under the influence, negligent driving, and speeding, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. At one in the morning, a time of day when good things rarely happen, the man was pulled over by police officers after being caught speeding nearly twenty miles an hour over the speed limit, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Sadly, this could have possibly been prevented. The man had previously been arrested for diving under the influence several months prior, indicated a New York Criminal Lawyer. The judge in that previous case let the coach off the hook, believing that the coach was not driving the car but was merely sitting there with it in park, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. A technicality? Perhaps, but it allowed the coach to keep his license and may be part of the reason he was on the road while driving under the influence yet again.

No one was reported injured but that may be nothing more than a stroke of good luck. Driving under the influence often results in death and more often than not the death is not that of the drunk driver but of an innocent person who had nothing to do with the drinking or driving. A random walker or jogger, another car, even houses have all been hit by people driving under the influence. A seemingly innocent crime of “having too many” can irrevocably change people’s lives forever.

DUIs are no laughing matter and can lead to disastrous consequences for all involved. If you’ve been charged with a DUI contact a New York Criminal Attorney.

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