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Two Men Killed by Hit and Run DUI Driver


Two men with the world as their future are no longer with us. Two men with the chance to do anything now have no chance at life. Two men are now dead as the result of doing what most take for granted: walking across the street, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Both men were twenty six years of age and were walking home after having attended a birthday party earlier that night. As they walked they crossed an intersection like any other, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. It was then that the two found themselves run over by a man behind the wheel of a car. Predictably the man was processed for driving under the influence. Two more senseless deaths the result of someone driving when they should not have been driving.

After hitting the two men the driver drove off for a moment. But, perhaps having a change of heart, he returned to the scene of the accident, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The crosswalk lights were flashing yellow, indicating that pedestrians needed to be careful and also letting drivers know that there were potential walkers in the area, reported a New York Criminal Lawyer. The driver did not heed the warning and because of that two men will never see their futures unfold. Families and communities are forever changed, altered in a way that none would ever foresee, all because of one stupid evening.

The families predictably expressed grief. Police said they were waiting until a full investigation had concluded before pressing charges.

DUI and hit and run accidents can change lives and often ruin those of all involved. If you are involved in a DUI or hit and run contact a New York Criminal Attorney.

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