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Former Mayor Charged with DUI

A brown pickup truck, out of control, driving into oncoming traffic; an obvious danger to all on the road. A speeding hunk of metal, a rolling death mallet, on a collision course with whatever gets in its way. But trucks to not drive themselves, not even pickup trucks, not yet at least. No, there is always a driver, reports a N York Criminal Defense Lawyer. And when that driver is pulled over at three in the morning because everyone with two eyes and half a brain can tell the truck is a danger and the man behind the wheel isn’t right, you know trouble is soon to follow, notes a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer. And trouble did. But the man driving the behemoth wasn’t just any man, he wasn’t another anonymous slob that had just throw his life away with a dumb DUI charge. The man driving was the former mayor of Taylor, Texas. Courts in The Bronx and Manhattan are strict in these cases.

The man was first elected mayor in 2008 but had resigned on December first of 2010. This event took place two weeks later. Perhaps he knew he would be arrested and saved himself the pain of having to publicly resign in shame. Or maybe he was just lucky. Lucky that everyone on the road that night did not get killed by his out of control and irresponsible behavior.

The man was released on $1500 bond. He will face a judge soon.

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